Monday, December 26, 2011

LG C375

My requirements for a new phone is plain and simple:

1. Dual Sim
2. Threaded sms
3. NOT a touch-screen

But it is not very common as of the moment.

I was comparing Alcatel 806, Samsung Ch@t 222, and LG C375.

Samsung is only 2,750.
LG C375 is 4,299.
Alcatel 806 is uhm... well... we cannot find an Alcatel dealer from Greenbelt to Glorietta (thus, its early boot off).

I chose LG because it has bonus features that I also liked:
1. Wi-fi
2. Push email
3. has SNS feature (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
4. Camera of 2MP.

Ok na sakin yun. I've never been this happy with a cellphone purchase. I have everything that i needed. Plus, it's so easy to manipulate. Yahoo. The search is over ;)

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