Friday, May 25, 2012

Pag By-The-Book Nga Naman...

Asking Globe Account "Specialist" if it's possible to have my postpaid line Temporarily disconnected for 30 days. (Yes daw if lost sim, lost phone, or travelling abroad). Do i need to send you any proof? NO MAM. What is your reason, Mam? (Me being stupidly honest: I will be on leave and my line is actually paid by the company). Sorry we cannot grant you your request. OK, then just put me under Travelling Abroad. Send ko daw passport and Ticket details ko. Kala ko ba di kayo humihingi ng proof? Ayaw nyo ba honest yung client nyo??

Ipa-disconnect ko na lang daw line ko.

Ah ganun? Sige, i-disconnect nyo.... (haller... obvious na walang interest i-retain ang client. Sya na nag-suggest i-stop yung service. Di ka aasenso nyan iho, medyo bobo ka na nga, wala ka pa malasakit sa business na nagpapasweldo sayo)

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